Search Engines Optimization

How to improve your visibility on WWW

Search engine optimization is an essential part of website development and web marketing. An SEO friendly website will automatically rank higher in search results obtained from popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. This, in turn, will have a great influence on the traffic of that website. It is vital to make your website SEO friendly in order to enhance your internet visibility, brand image and traffic.

We as a service provider always consider the optimization parameter from the starting of website application development. This assists us in creating SEO friendly website which assists in improving site ranking with minimal effort. . We have with us, SEO experts who completely understand the workings of search engines and crawlers, and hence, can help you enhance your site ranking and attract more traffic.


Search Engine Optimization Process

Most of the popular and commonly used search engines use bots or crawlers that roam the various web and index web pages to rate and rank them. These spiders travel through links and sitemaps in order to successfully index all the pages available on the web. However, the pages that have faulty navigation, no external linkages and a bad web design fail to get indexed and hence never appear in the search results generated by these search engines. Most websites lose more than half of their potential clients due to their low internet visibility.


Girishas helps you make your website SEO friendly by:


Working with Girishas

Girishas flawlessly works towards our client success through streamlined processes and latest technologies. Our project managers ensure the timely completion and successful functioning of your website. With SEO professionals and expert designers and testers, we offer you the best quality website development and search engine optimization, which will ensure that your website ranks among the top pages in search lists.


How Search Engines Work

The first basic truth you would like to grasp to be told SEO is that search engines aren't humans. whereas this may be obvious for everyone, the variations between however humans and search engines read web content are not. in contrast to humans, search engines square measure text-driven. though technology advances apace, search engines square measure off from intelligent creatures which will feel the sweetness of a cool style or fancy the sounds and movement in movies. Instead, search engines crawl the net, gazing explicit website} things (mainly text) to induce a concept what a site is regarding. This transient clarification isn't the foremost precise as a result of as we'll see next, search engines perform many activities so as to deliver search results – creeping, indexing, processing, hard connexion, and retrieving.


First, search engines crawl the net to ascertain what's there. This task is performed by a bit of code, referred to as a crawler or a spider (or Googlebot, as is that the case with Google). Spiders follow links from one page to a different and index everything they notice on their method. Having in mind the quantity of pages on the net (over twenty billion), it's not possible for a spider to go to a website daily simply to ascertain if a replacement page has appeared or if associate existing page has been changed, generally crawlers might not find yourself visiting your website for a month or 2.


What you'll do is to examine what a crawler sees from your website. As already mentioned, crawlers aren't humans and that they don't see pictures, Flash movies, JavaScript, frames, password-protected pages and directories, thus if you've got heaps of these on your website, you'd higher run the Spider machine below to ascertain if these goodies square measure seeable by the spider. If they're not seeable, they'll not be spidered, not indexed, not processed, etc. - in a very word they'll be non-existent for search engines.