iOS Mobile Apps Developement
Apples most profound and premium operating system is iOS which is used for most popular and advanced phone in the world –iPhone. This revolutionary operating system is considered to be the most advanced and safe mobile operating system till date. The new iOS 7 Has been the latest versions of iOS released with SDK that include more than 1500 latest Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and nearly 100 new features.

Our developers at Girishas have have vast experience of developing critical, data and implementation of comprehensive apps using cloud web services like AWS (Amazon Web Services), iCloud, Rackspace, Azure, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Content Delivery Networks (CDN) etc. They are specialist at using the iPhone SDK to develop custom iPhone 5 applications according to your business requirements that improves the efficiency and usage of your iPhone.

We offer customized iPhone development services for different areas as follows

  • Marketplace – online selling & buying
  • Online Networking
  • Social Media Networking.
  • Business
  • E-learning
  • Entertainment App
  • Location based applications
  • Utility Apps
  • Health and fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel.

Develop apps for iPhone and iPad

Create mobile apps victimisation the programming skills, data and code that you just have already got. Your Delphi iOS apps can have quick native mainframe performance and higher security than web-based or scripting language based mostly apps. Full visual designer for iOS user interfaces with multiple device sorts, resolutions, and orientations

Native and custom styling choices

With Delphi, you get a full vary of native titled computer program controls, as well as buttons, listboxes and jazz band boxes, to include into your apps. The iOS apps you produce embody native platform controls just like the date picker and custom picker, totally different keyboard sorts, services like notifications, and support for share sheet actions. Use pel good native designs, custom designs or produce your own to relinquish your apps a singular look.

Rapid visual development

Delphi delivers associate degree increased and optimized developer advancement for mobile development that automates readying and debugging on each the machine and device. quickly paradigm your apps with layouts for every device kind and quickly go from paradigm to production. Integrate feedback quickly by deploying your paradigm directly onto your target device victimisation actual framework objects and code.

Monetize your mobile apps

Mobile apps area unit a revenue generating chance for application developers. currently you'll be able to monetise your mobile apps by group action in app purchases and advertising. Sell content, practicality, services and subscriptions with support for iOS App Store in-app purchase and Google Play In-app charge. Serve ads from the highest ad networks (Google AdMob and Apple iAd). it is easy to feature this practicality to your apps via the enclosed TBannerAd and TInAppPurchase elements.

Connect with BaaS suppliers

Integrate cloud based mostly services from Back-end as a Service (BaaS) suppliers, Kinvey and take apart, with elements for well-liked BaaS services like notifications, user management, and storage. You get quick access to those common services within the cloud while not having to create them yourself or maintain them. Add user authentication to your apps. Use push notifications to have interaction your users. Access knowledge and object storage within the cloud.

Enterprise quality Services

New in XE7! Enterprise quality Services (EMS) provides a gaoler Middleware server that permits you to create, deploy, manage, and report on custom server based mostly C++ arthropod genus, Enterprise knowledge Access, User Authentication, and Storage with Analytics. simply connect your users and Apps to managed arthropod genus, databases and services on-premises or via the cloud.

IBLite and SQLite iOS information support

Delphi includes iOS native information support for SQLite and embedded InterBase (ToGo and IBLite) via dbExpress, FireDAC and IBX. you furthermore mght get a free development and free unlimited readying license for IBLite – a replacement freely deployable version of the favored embedded InterBase Togolese Republic information.




Android Mobile Apps Development
Android is also growing rapidly and is believed to be the most widely use operating system across the globe. Being a Google product and open source operating system, it has hundreds of free applications and games are available at Play Store offered by Google.

At Girishas, we have a team of developers with years of experience in Java development provides efficient Android Solutions for various industries using Android framework and Java language. We offer effectual services to prepare application for Android platform.

Our Android Developers have proficiency in

  • Android App Programming
  • Custom Android App development
  • Client/Server App Development
  • Entertainment App
  • Utility App
  • Business Listing App.
  • Migrate to existing applications on Android Platform.
  • Key developer options
    • Material style
    • Performance focus
    • Notifications
    • Your apps on the large screen
    • Advanced property
    • superior graphics
    • a lot of powerful audio
    • increased camera & video
    • Screen capturing and sharing
    • New kinds of sensors
    • Cr WebView
    • Accessibility & input
    • Tools for battery-efficient apps 

Material style

Android 5.0 brings Material style to golem and offers you AN dilated UI toolkit for integration the new style patterns simply in your apps. New 3D reads allow you to set a z-level to boost parts off of the view hierarchy and forged realtime shadows, at the same time as they move. Built-in activity transitions take the user seamlessly from one state to a different with stunning, animated motion. the fabric theme adds transitions for your activities, together with the power to use shared visual parts across activities. To replay the pic, click on the device screen Ripple animations area unit on the market for buttons, checkboxes, and different bit controls in your app. You can additionally outline vector drawables in XML and animate them during a kind of ways in which. Vector drawables scale while not losing definition, so that they area unit good for single-color in-app icons. A new system-managed process thread known as RenderThread keeps animations sleek even once there area unit delays within the main UI thread.

Performance focus

Android 5.0 provides a quicker, drum sander and additional powerful computing expertise.
Android currently runs solely on the new ART runtime, designed from the bottom up to support a combination of ahead-of-time (AOT), just-in-time (JIT), and understood code. It’s supported on ARM, x86, and million instructions per second architectures and is absolutely 64-bit compatible.
ART improves app performance and responsiveness. economical trash pickup reduces the quantity and period of pauses for gigahertz events, that match well inside the v-sync window thus your app doesn’t skip frames. ART conjointly dynamically moves memory to optimize performance for foreground uses.
Android 5.0 introduces platform support for 64-bit architectures—used by the Nexus 9's NVIDIA Tegra K1. Optimizations offer larger address area and improved performance sure cypher workloads. Apps written within the Java language run as 64-bit apps automatically—no modifications area unit required. If your app uses native code, we’ve extended the NDK to support new ABIs for ARM v8, and x86-64, and MIPS-64.
Continuing the main target on drum sander performance, Android 5.0 offers improved A/V synchronize. The audio and graphics pipelines are instrumented for additional correct timestamps, facultative video apps and games to show sleek synchronal content.

Advanced connectivity

Android 5.0 adds new Apis that enable apps to perform coincident operations with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), permitting each scanning (central mode) and advertising (peripheral mode).
New multi-networking options enable apps to question on the market networks for on the market options like whether or not they area unit Wi-Fi, cellular, metered, or give bound network options. Then the app will request a affiliation and reply to property loss or different network changes.
NFC Apis currently enable apps to register associate degree NFC application ID (AID) dynamically. they'll additionally set the well-liked card emulation service per active service and make associate degree NDEF record containing UTF-8 text knowledge.