To make sure you get mutual profit and excellence services Girishas It Solutions has created a Refund Policy comprising:

  • The situation when you may assert a refund next to your purchase.
  • The situation when Girishas It Solutions will issue the refunds.
  • The liability of Girishas It Solutions to issue a repayment.

Coverage & Scope:

This Refund Policy is only appropriate for services obtainable by Girishas It Solutions and not for any third-party tools/websites used in your project. The Refund Policy remains valid for any order you make through Girishas It Solutions Website or any other website owned by Girishas It Solutions.

We powerfully believe that refund should be the last resort when conditions go beyond the scope of fixing. Before handing out the refund, we try to fix the issues you have faced and expect your hold up and synchronization to achieve the desired results.

Filing a Complaint:

If situation are beyond the range of fixing and there is no way out other than concluding things down, you may apply for a refund. If you are not pleased with the services provided by Girishas It Solutions, you may claim for a refund by writing us at

Note that each refund is subject to mutual understanding between YOU (The Client) and Girishas It Solutions (The Service Provider), and filing a refund request does not promise any refund.

Eligibility for Refund:

Girishas It Solutions takes every project very seriously and gives its best to make sure the final result meets your desired  outlook. To prevent any confusion or dispute, we prepare an SRS (Software Requirements Specifications) Document contain the deliverables, project conclusion timeline and project price. The document is signed by the official signatories for both parties.

You are qualified for a repayment only if the service/deliverables delivered by Girishas It Solutions doesn’t match with those are mentioned in SRS Document. Girishas It Solutions reserves the rights to deny or charge extra cost/time for any added services/deliverables other than those mentioned in the SRS Document. Also, you are not eligible for services/deliverables not included in the SRS Document.

Depending upon the environment of services, we enforce divide Refund Policies for different services:

Web Design / Logo Design / Brochure Design:

  • Full repayment if the project is not in progress or the initial design is not permitted.
  • Partial repayment if the initial design is approved and you choose to close the project.
  • No Refund would be entertained if the project has been finished and uploaded on the server.

Web Development / Mobile Apps Development:

  • Full Refund if the project has not yet initiated.
  • Partial Refund will be issued if the project has ongoing and is not finished in given timeframe / or the client decide to close the project at any point of time / or the deliverables do not meet with the SRS Document. The portion of refund will be as per the work concluded by Girishas It Solutions.
  • No Refund will be entertained if the project has been finished in agreed timeframe and deliverables competition with the SRS Document. If you are not happy with the work done, we expect you to notify us as you see the error. Once the project is concluded and delivered to you, Girishas It Solutions is only liable to make small changes and may charge additional for further services.

Dedicated Resources:

  • Full Refund if the Programmer / Designer / SEO Expert / Content Writer / Project Manager has not in progress the project.
  • Partial repayment would be processed if the client decides to discard the order at any point of instance.
  • No Refund would be processed if the devoted Resource has worked for purchased point in time. If you are not happy with the work being done, we expect you to inform us as you see it. If you lift an issue after work completion, you are not eligible for any reimbursement.


Girishas It Solutions offers a “Bucket” of hours that you may use for any service provided by the Company. The Bucket remains actionable for SIX MONTHS from the date of purchase. You are estimated to consume your purchased hours within the timeframe (Six Months). No reimbursement would be entertained if you do not consume your purchased hours in this timeframe.

SEO / SMO / PPC / Content Writing:

  • All Refund would be entertained if the project has not initiated.
  • Incomplete Refund would be processed the project has initiated and the client decide to close the project at any point of time.
  • No Refund would be entertained after project conclusion. Be aware that SEO is a business with great legal responsibility, and Girishas It Solutions does not assurance about the results. However, if the results delivered by us are nowhere close to your prospect, a balanced refund can be processed upon mutual receiving.

Applicability of the Refund Policy:

Please note that you are only qualified to a refund if you meet following criteria:

  • Timely Payments – This Refund Policy would be measured void if the agreed upon payments are not cleared or the client has not cleared payments in predetermined time.
  • Timely Communication – Communication is an inseparable part of business, and we expect our clients to keep in contact with us at every phase of project development. If the client fails to establish a timely communication which results in wrong deliverables, Girishas It Solutions may refuse any refunds.
  • Support / Input – There are services that need your inputs/support for victorious delivery. For instance, the SEO Experts may need your inputs to make necessary changes on website or may need content from your end. Any holdup in such inputs/support may result to poor quality services and Girishas It Solutions bears no responsibilities for any work loss occurred due to delays at your conclusion.

Limitation of Liability:

Girishas It Solutions is only responsible to refund for tasks mentioned in the SRS credentials and for projects with timely payments / timely announcement / timely inputs. If any of these necessities are not met in time Girishas It Solutions is not liable to entertain any refunds.

Three-Step Refund Process:

The refund is processed in three steps, as listed below:

  • Filing the complaint. Our Business Managers will assess your specifications with those mentioned in the SRS Document. If your application is applicable and you meet the criteria for a refund as per above mentioned terms, your refund application would be established.
  • Refund Processing. Before the refund is processed, you are required to wipe out all files, codes and other possessions delivered to you but are covered under the refund amount. Upon this, Girishas It Solutions asks you to sign a evidence of refund.
  • Transaction  may take up to 7-10 business days to process the deal. The refund would be made in similar currency that you have made your expenses in.

Changes in Refund Policy:

Girishas It Solutions reserves the privileges to modify this Refund Policy in its sole carefulness, without notice to you, at any point of time. We request you to review this Refund Policy occasionally. Your continued use of Girishas It Solutions services/website after such changes signifies your acceptance thereof.

Resolution of Disputes:

Any Disputes / Concerns connected to this Refund Policy are subject to be processed beneath the Honorable High Court, Jaipur, India.

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