Just like all of the main industries we cover with our stylish IT services. We are providing our services to Healthcare and Pharmacy industries too. Considered as one of the main factor in taking care of your life it helps in providing all of the medical needs. There are number of pharmacies you can see these days but somehow still the best need is missing. Thus to create all of the process go in much effective manner we give our services to these industries which makes everything as simple as it can.

With its gaining popularity day by day, a lot of people has invested in the business and has earned a lot from it. Although starting a pharmacy requires a big investment, the result or profit is more than worth it. At Girishas It Solutions our expert developers give their utmost effort to provide with all of the services that you cannot even managed out easily. From development to pushing your brand value to a complete new level to overcome the whole competition. Thus If you want your business to grow just like the other ones, exploring our Web and application services must be the correct choice you should go for. All of our development stage follows a quality step by step principle that is:

Requirement Analysis

We can understand your requirements well before planning. We have a thorough meeting with you, ask several questions and give various inputs to understand what you actually desire.


We use the most excellent features of technologies to make your portal rich with next-generation capabilities. While you are always in touch, we make sure the development cycle goes as per your expectations.


A small problem and your portal falls before it starts. To severely avoid it, we go through a complete round of testing – using the best tools – to make sure your final product is completely error-free.


And here you go – your portal is all positioned  to hit the market. While you are busy enjoying the initiate party, we are still functioning on our end to make it reach as many people as possible, and contain as many features as possible.


Healthcare and pharmacy services by Girishas It  solution

We have a strong  portfolio in providing various web services and Apps. We have effectively managed the Projects for these industries for our clients with a stunning and a scalable solution for their business. Contact Us and let us help you lead a Healthier lifestyle through your own customized mobile app.

Mobile applications powered by Girishas It Solution enable access to:

  • Electronic Healthcare records
  • Lab orders and results
  • E-prescription
  • Inventory management
  • Medical image viewing
  • Patient information system
  • Home Healthcare
  • Blood bank management system
  • Patient records
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