Node.js is the most recent kid in server-side development and the platform has gained considerable popularity due to its power, usability and features. Girishas It Solutions has their skill in JavaScript and JavaScript Libraries, that have been utilizing agile-based methodology in developing both client- and server-side web applications that are completely aligned to gather your business objectives. Girishas It Solutions is a leading IT consulting and software development company ,has gathered all the relevant skill and knowledge that is essential to build Node.js apps.

What to build using Node.js?

Taking into account the exact features of Node.js, it is mostly used in the following business software development areas:

  • Node.js-compatible JavaScript API for mobile applications.
  • Executable applications, for example various types of servers.
  • Applications managing thousands of connections and data streaming towards other systems.
  • JSON APIs. Node.js really masters  in this field. It’s a great tool for wrapping data sources such as databases and web services and revealing them via a JSON interface.
  • Chat applications and real-time tracking applications, e.g.: dashboards, statistics, etc.
  • Applications that are highly event-driven.
  • Scripts – programs running one task per launch.
  • Applications that ensure an intensive data exchange with the back-end.
  • Networking applications node provides event-driven, fast, server-side JavaScript run time environment, being an excellent platform for highly scalable social networking apps.
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