Girishas It Solution offer cutting-edge solutions for Google Glass app development, turning your dreams of utilizing the potential of this powerful wearable device into realism. With our practice and ability of using the most pioneering and newest features of Google Glass, we generate applications that make your business running and active.

As per being a foremost supplier of mobile app development, we can assist you all through the procedure of Google Glass App Development. Precise from analyzing your app consideration to converting into a rich app and submitting it to the App Store, and we always there for you. We assist you price the performance of your app and do our most excellent to make it a big hit, all at a price that perfectly suit your pocket.

Glass Development Kit (GDK):

Alike to Android’s Software Development Kit (SDK), the Glass Development Kit allow users to see the details of the digital world right through a small wearable device, the Google Glass. Due to being amongst the most current innovations introduced in the tech world, most of the companies out there that stand out in Smartphone  app  development are not able to influence the profit that Glass apps offer. However, we remain updated in the tech-world and bring that to the next-generation solutions.

Our technical expertise in Google Glass App Development:

  • Inhabitant Google Glass App Development.
  • 3rd-party web server integration.
  • App Engine SDK.
  • Agreement 3D Integration.
  • Increased Reality Experience.

The Mirror API:

Mirror API was the primary API introduced for Google Glass app developers. Being a server-side API, it allows the apps to run on the server and to interrelate with the Glass. For a Glass app developer, having a sound information of the Mirror API is a must, and this is where we are enhanced than others.

Metaio SDK 5.0:

The most recent preface in development arena, Metaio SDK 5.0 now supports wearable devices like Google Glass. We are highly experienced in using this technology to create fully-fledged Glass Apps.

Below are a few influential features of Metaio SDK 5.0:

  • Continuous visual search.
  • Edge-based Tracking.
  • SLAM Tracking.
  • 3-D Rendering and 3-D Tracking.
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