Engagment Model make available our clients the plus of pick and choose any of the mostly acknowledged models listed below or a fusion of these for unusual stage of their project. discretely from this, we can also work with the client to modify a model for label their demanding wants.

Project Based Pricing or Fixed Bid

When project provisions along with its range and condition are clear and doubtful to change much. This is compare a low danger option.

We give project based price in the domains of our professional where you get the highest quality of the possessions.Our process highest achievable performance ensures dependability, inevitability and optimized routine.

Time & Material

In the T&M based pricing model, the project cost is a function of the totality project finishing time and the correspondent resources utilize.

This meeting model is above all useful to those projects which are quite complex and are open to frequent requirement and design changes.

This model provides significant stretch ability to the customer in conditions of mounting the project condition and adapt the same as per the varying market wants.


This decision mechanism best for Clients who are anxious about development in isolated projects and particularly for those who are outsourcing  for the first time. Milestone-based payment schedules strengthen progress monitor. It help in mitigating expenses based on landmark attainment and improved visibility  decrease  danger.

Dedicated Developer

Devoted developer model allows an estimate of the clients have engineering or software development centre.Through such dedicated facilities, offers the best resource, infrastructure facilities, remote work suppleness and time-to-market control to the clients and most extremely attach to the necessary norms to protect the Academic Property Rights(APR) of the clients.

This model is best suitable to customers look for continual offshore development support on long expression foundation. For such dedicated relationships,  we also offers custom, quality/process frameworks and teams are trained for the scrupulous wants of the client.

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