Android devices are in huge demand these days because they provide enthralling User Interface or UI which is comprehensible too. It directly influences the User Experience or UX. User Interface involves everything about how people interacts with the app. For an application to be successful, it must have striking UI designs. The main section on the app which user notices is tremendous UI design and these functions have a direct effect on the brand image you desire to promote. While designing the app, it is essential to keep in mind that large number of people in today's date are opting for Android platform as the mobile handset of their choice.   At Girishas It Solutions, we always remain up to date about continuing trends in UI preferences and how the Android user thinks. Besides, our designers have a wonderful understanding of designing the apps, keeping in mind the success of business.

Android UI UX Design Guidelines we Follow:

Perception’s best:

User likes a flow which is directional, supplied rather than end-user attempting to search by himself. A smart navigation strategy ought to be the center of UI design. To be able to deliver efforts in a behavior that the user is delighted.

Use Colors Handily:

Highest care must be taken while choosing colors. We use colors in a fine way so it doesn’t highlight on the display and user is able to read the content correctly. Reliability is looked after by us when using colors.

Enhance Value:

We know very well what the user is meant to gain from the UI, and why value is vital to end-user. we continuously create the UI using a straightforward principle and bearing in mind customer navigation.

Stay Sharpen:

Design have to be sharp enough to provide the rich look to the end-user. Communication allows to offer better result. We frequently updated with constant adjustments in the design world and put those in action.

Adaptable design:

We take highest care that design is adjustable and it decreases the expense of errors. Whether it is any OS or any web browser or Smartphone, the design is adaptable enough to adjust into any kind of device dimensions.


We believe in excellence and we take the challenges which come on our way. we reuse our design in order that it saves time for the user to think again over the design.

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